Wednesday, September 23, 2015

FBR cancelled leaves of officials and officers before and after Eid ul Azha holidays

The FBR in its recent notification has cancelled leaves already granted to the officials/officers after and before the holidays of Eid ul Azha. It is general tendency in government officials that they avail the leaves for 2/3 days and remain unavailable in offices for whole week. The government has announces Eid ul Azha Holidays from 24th September to 26th September 2015 and many government officials have plans to avail four leaves and extend the leave span to nine. The action of the FBR is at the right time as the last date of filing of returns for tax year 2015 is fast approaching and the FBR has also remained unable to achieve targets for the first quarter.

All being true, is this action of the FBR higherups is not against the leave rules and rulings of the higher courts. Does it not adversely effect the rights of the genuine cases who have to avail leave under compulsion. There are certain rulings of the higher courts that casual leave is a right of the official and cannot be strikes down.

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