Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Importance of electronic filing instead of manual return?

Previously, the taxpayers who submitted their income tax returns manually, as per policy of FBR, faced problems while paying token tax, vehicle registration fee, or making any banking transaction etc, as their returns were not entered in the electronic system by FBR officials. Due to this neglect of FBR officials the name of the taxpayers were not appearing in the Active Taxpayers List and the taxpayers who have filed their returns had to pay enhanced tax which was to be charged on the persons who had not filed their tax returns. So in the interest of taxpayers, it is advisable that all taxpayers should e-file the returns online.
In order to e-file online returns of taxpayers, who are not registered with FBR earlier, one has to obtain get himself e-enrolled with FBR using the following link.

Procedure for e-filing income tax return 2016

Procedure is very simple. The important thing is that you should have at least one mobile SIM in your name. After completing the procedure within five minutes you will receive your password and pincode while username will be your CNIC No. Save the password/pincode in your mobile and email to use the same in future for filing of income tax return for tax year 2016.
So in order to avoid any penalties/default surcharge for late submission of return it is advisable that you should e-file your return today without wastage of time as online system of FBR i.e. IRIS is not reliable and gone down time and again and create hassles for the users.

Getting ready to filing your tax return

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