Saturday, August 12, 2017

Good news for Contractors and Engineers

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The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has announced amnesty for the engineers and contractors who could not get their licenses/registration renewed. Such engineers and contractors now can get their registration renewed by paying fee for the year 2017 only. They don’t have to pay any arrears / surcharge for default of non-payment of renewal fee for previous years.
This means that even if you are registered in 2010 and could not pay the renewal fee for the next years, you can avail the benefit of this amnesty scheme by paying fee just for the year 2017. Every contractor/Engineer can avail the benefit of this scheme in case the application along with fee is received in the office of Pakistan Engineering Council on or before 31.08.2017.
Please contact for assistance/help in processing the fee to us, as we specialists in this field. We process all kind of cases for registration/renewal of membership with Pakistan Engineering Council.
With you best of luck and regards.
Yours faithfully,

(Sufi Muhammad Akbar)
Chief Executive

Benefits of registration with Pakistan Engineering Council

To undertake the civil and mechanical products in the country only those firms are eligible which are registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council. The requirement for registration are very simple and staff members sitting in the office of the Pakistan Engineering Council are very cooperative. 

Whether you are a local or foreign contractor intending to undertake construction work of civil/mechanical nature with government agencies or renowned companies, it is mandatory for you to get yourself registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Moreover, in order to regulate  profession and the engineering education, it is made mandatory for all the graduate engineers of recognized engineering institutions in the country in Pakistan to get themselves registered with obtain Pakistan Engineering Council. 

The council is the official body having the sole right of providing such authentication in the country. Such registration also provides one with brighter employment opportunities & service structures as such rights of Professional Engineers are supported by the PEC Act & bye laws & the relevant PEC committees strive for the betterment of such matters.
According to Section 27 of the Act it is mandatory for a person who undertakes any professional engineering work to get himself registered with the Council.
It is also binding on all employers to employ only those persons for undertaking professional engineering work whose names are borne on the Register of the Council. Violation of Section 27 of the Act attracts penalties.

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